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Year Team Theme Total Points Final Rank Parade Rank
2011 Team Thicko I Love Trivia 4855 52nd of 395  
2010 Team Thicko The Dark Side of the Contest 4615 44th of 419  
2009 Team Thicko Here’s Looking at You, Kid 4430 57th of 417  
2008 Team Thicko Trivia Invasion 3420 92nd of 433  
2007 Team Thicko Trivia Returns! 4150 67th of 441  
2006 Team Thicko The Odd Contest 3690 63rd of 428  
2005 Team Thicko Keep on Trivia 5160 43rd of 435 2nd
2004 Team Thicko Thanks for the Contest 4440 64th of 443  
2003 Team Thicko Survivor 4490 52nd of 459  
2002 Team Thicko All in the Contest 4715 46th of 456  
2001 Team Thicko Old Days 4400 55th of 471 5th
2000 Team Thicko Y2K: The Bug Strikes 4375 73rd of 466 3rd
1999 Team Thicko Trivia Like It's 1999!!! 2660 156th of 492 3rd
1999 A Headless Emu Sporting Soiled Pants Trivia Like It's 1999!!! 605 371st of 492  
1998 Team Thicko On the Road 1295 271st of 520 2nd
1997 Don't Pee on the Electric Fence Mission: Trivia 1035 339th of 528  
1996 Demonic Domain - Feed The Flames What a Long Strange Trip It's Been! 1230 281st of 563  
1996 Woodstock'96, Don't Forget the Weed What a Long Strange Trip It's Been! 910 346th of 563  
1996 Don't Pee on the Electric Fence What a Long Strange Trip It's Been! 490 466th of 563  
1995 God Told Us to Rob the 7-11 The Six-Million-Dollar Contest 840 381st of 542  
1995 Don't Pee on the Electric Fence The Six-Million-Dollar Contest 695 421st of 542  
1994 Don't Pee on the Electric Fence Trivia Park 350 463rd of 565  

Here's the history of Team Thicko and its predecessors, as best I can remember it.

Team Thicko was formed as the result of a merger of Don't Pee On the Electric Fence and Woodstock '96: Don't Forget the Weed in 1997. The resulting team was not Team Thicko, however. We kept the Don't Pee On the Electric Fence (DPOTEF) name for one more year until we changed the name to Team Thicko. The team was named after Eric's father's (Gary) vintage racing team. The father of Team Thicko, the racing team, can be found at The first year of Team Thicko trivia we had Gary's race car in the trivia parade, which got us a second place.

1994: Don't Pee On the Electric Fence was formed by Andy Andrich, Eric Speckman, Melvin Plummer, and someone who wishes to remain anonymous. In the early years, we didn't have many resources. We used to spend one day at one house, and move somewhere else the next day.

1995: God Told Us to Rob the 7-11 was formed. DPOTEF now had a rival.

1996: God Told Us to Rob the 7-11 is called Woodstock '96: Don't Forget the Weed. Not much changed this year. DPOTEF was down to three people, and was in Eric's basement. This year sucked. Woodstock '96 had their first trivia float.

1997: DPOTEF and Woodstock merge, keeping the name Don't Pee On the Electric Fence. We now have a decent sized team. We moved into Josh's basement. We stayed there for two years. This is our first year in the trivia parade, with Eddie's Ford Aerostar all painted up with washable paints.

1998: The team name is changed to Team Thicko. We took second place in the Trivia Parade with the bug (a 1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite). We had the Aerostar painted up to match the car.

1999: We moved Thicko HQ to Ed's place after Josh moved. This is the first year we had a network and permanent internet connection.

2000: We moved the team to Alex's house. We now have a house, not just a basement for the team. The network was expanded, and a cable modem served as our link to the internet.

2001: Once again, Alex hosted the team. We placed better than any other year. A documentary crew from New York saw our sign and stopped by to get some footage on the contest. They were in and out all weekend. We were also mentioned in three newspaper articles, and had a Trivia Focus. This was the year for media coverage (and we love it).

2002: Well, It was another record breaking year. We managed to stay in 3rd place for several hours. It was the first time we had ever been listed in the hourly top five teams. Our 46'th place finish was our best yet. This year was also the first year we did not place in the parade.

2003: Another great year for Team Thicko. We put zero effort into the parade this year, mainly because nobody had any time and also because of the results of last year's parade. We were visited by Patrick Cady as he was shooting more footage for the trivia documentary project (see 2001). This year was much the same as previous years.

2004: We apparently didn't bother updating this. More documentary stuff went on. We slipped pretty badly, but scoring has been reasonably consistent at least.

2005: Finally placed in the parade again.